Jacob Solomon

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What I do ...

  • Human factors research
  • Design, build and evaluate systems that aid decisions
  • Study the design of sociotechnical systems and their effect on individual and collective decision making
  • Quantitative research and data science. Strong expertise in experiment design.
  • Qualitative UX research, learn about users by talking to them and observing their interactions with systems

My background ...

  • Currently a user experience researcher at Amazon Web Services focusing on Internet of Things cloud services.
  • Previously a post-doc at the University of Michigan working with Brian Zikmund-Fisher and PhD student at the BITLab at Michigan State University where I worked with Rick Wash.
  • Master's degree in HCI (UX design and research) from University of Michigan School of Information and Bachelor's in human factors engineering from University of Utah Dept. of Psychology


Intelligent Systems and Decision Making

Research to understand how the user experience and interface design of intelligent systems (e.g. recommender systems, tools for analytics and data science, expert systems etc.) influences the decisions people make. Active

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Personal Automation and App Integrations

Designing and evaluating a system to let people automate tasks related to their healthcare by integrating different apps or devices. Active

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Colorectal Cancer Screening

Designed and developed screeningdecision.com, a site that helps clinicians make personalized decisions about cancer screening. Active

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Lab Test Visualizations

MyLabResults.org (coming soon) is an app that will produce effective, evidence-based visualizations of test results to help patients understand what they mean. Active

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Crowdfunding Platform Design

A series of economics experiments to evaluate different designs for crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Donor's Choose.

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Online Communities

A series of studies about how fledgling online communities should be designed in order to grow and establish a critical mass of participation.

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OERca UX design and research

Worked with open.michigan to design and evaluate OERca, a tool to help educators create open educational resources.

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Privacy and Behavioral Advertising

A survey about people's attitudes and beliefs regarding behavioral advertising.

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Source Orientation

How do people allocate their attention across the many different actors who influence their interaction with a computer (e.g. the computer itself, software, servers, other users, programmers, companies etc.)

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Self-service Kiosk Usability

A usability evaluation of a self-service photo kiosk.

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MTagger Usability Evaluation

A series of usability reports about MTagger, a social bookmarking feature embedded within the University of Michigan Library web tools.

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UofM Comprehensive Cancer Center UX Evaluation

A usability evaluation for the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Microsoft One Note Evaluation

A class project supervised by Microsoft researchers evaluating the tagging feature within Microsoft OneNote. Class Project


A class project to build a social itenerary recommender system. Class Project

Food Buddha

A food storage inventory app, designed as a class project. Class Project

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